Tourists Traveling to Guatemala

Antigua is arguably the most visited city by tourists. Other places of interest to tourists include Peten, Lake Atitlan, and Tikal ruins. Sadly, the capital, Guatemala City, and Antigua are notorious for being dangerous and full of crime. Travelers commuting on city roads and between cities must remain alert and watch out for thefts and armed robberies carried out on public transport, bus terminals, etc. So for a safe travel and to avoid getting into trouble, follow the tips outlined below.

Travel Safety Tips for Tourists
When you are on the move, keep all your important documents (passports, travel, and health insurance papers) safe by depositing them in a safe deposit box available in most hotels. But it is recommended that you carry a photocopy of your passport and visa at all times with you.
Do not keep large amounts of money with you. Carry an ATM card which can be used at any of the ATMs found all over the major cities.
Traveling at night should be strictly avoided. Call for a cab, never walk alone on the streets after dark. Incidents of tourists being mugged and robbed at night, especially on deserted streets, are commonplace.
In the unfortunate event of you falling prey to mugging, it’s advisable that you cooperate with the criminals. Raising an alarm and calling for help or resisting and fighting them will land you in deeper trouble. Muggers are often armed with guns and will not hesitate to injure or even kill their victims. Give up whatever they ask for; your safety is far more important than the worth of the valuables you are carrying.
Guatemala City is particularly infamous for express kidnappings. Gangs kidnap individuals and release them only after they have been forced to use their debit cards to withdraw a specified sum of money. If travelers do not pay heed to the demands, these gangs do not hesitate to commit murder. To avoid such a nasty incident, never travel or walk alone, especially on lonely roads and highways.
Guatemala City is subdivided into zones. Of these, zone 1 in particular is where most criminals operate. Tourists fall prey to thefts and robberies often. It is unsafe also because this area sees a lot of drug dealers who engage in drunken brawls, so it is advisable to steer clear of zone 1.
Incidents of carjacking are common on highways leading up to international airports. Travelers are advised against using the highways after dark, especially when going to or coming from the airport. Cars and buses are targeted by assailants wearing police uniforms, who stop the cars and rob the passengers. In case you need to travel to the airport in the evening or night, contact PROATUR, the local agency that provides assistance to tourists. You can call a radio cab, which will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your hotel, or vice versa. Note down the number on the license plate of the vehicle. If the cab does not arrive on time, do not linger outside the airport.