The World’s Top 10 Secluded Travel Destinations

Have you ever experienced the high of being in a place, where apart from you, there is hardly anyone else? When you open your eyes, all you see is nobody? There are many places on this earth where life does not exist in abundance; it exists hidden somewhere, waiting for you to discover it. Think again, and think one more time, before you associate seclusion with romance. Yes, there are many unsullied spots that offer those in love a universe of their own. On the other hand, there are places that are so empty, they help you realize how full of life you are. And while you’re traveling through these secluded destinations, amidst all the emptiness and nothingness, there is a great chance that you will find yourself. So, are you ready to get lost?
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Erik Weihenmayer of the United States of America has climbed the highest mountains on each continent. Yes, including Mount Everest! He has thus, conquered the Seven Summits successfully. What’s more? He’s blind! Yes, you read it right.
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Top 10 Secluded Destinations that Help You Fall Off the Map
Deception Island, Antarctica
Deception Island Antarctica
Formed as the crater of a volcano, one of the farthest points on the globe, an abandoned whaling station, Deception Island ironically has a name it doesn’t deserve. Why? Because it’s one of the safest harbors on the continent. Administered by the Antarctic Treaty System, this island is now home to researchers and occasional travelers.

Private Islands in the Maldives
Private Islands in the Maldives
The Maldives are the original desert islands. I’m sure you’ve heard this often, but have you seen it from the eyes of a traveler and not a vacationist? White sand, a few trees, an endless canvas of the sea and sky, and in the center of all this, you, with your beloved. Seems like a dream come true? It sure does.
Bentota, Sri Lanka
Bentota Sri Lanka
Looking for a place that is not all that secluded? Want some alone time amidst a little company to help you feel safe? Bentota is the place! A small town by the Indian Ocean, this is a holiday you would want to take alone, sans the family and the romantic interest. Indulge in Ayurvedic healing, experience the rush of water sports, and at the end of it all, sit back and relax, taking in all the beauty this haven has to offer.

Lake Manasarovar, Tibet
Lake Manasarovar Tibet
If ever there is a perfect depiction of purity, it is this. The Holy Lake of Manasarovar, with the Kailas Range in the backdrop, amidst which stands tall the Kailash Parbat, is natural beauty redefined. Reaching this haven isn’t easy though. It requires three days to just complete the circumference, and living here, is synonymous with tents. You also need to be physically fit to endure the harsh surroundings.