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Tips for Having a Stress-free Vacation

If you wish to have a stress-free vacation, you need to think about what creates that stress in the first place. Moreover, whatever the cause of stress, learn to accept those little errors and gaffes, as no holiday is gonna be fun to remember without them.
Avoid Planning the Entire Tour Yourself
Couple planning last minute vacation
Let someone else do the planning for you, as it may create stress before, during, and even after vacation. You don’t wanna feel responsible for having to wait for a hotel room at 10 in the night, for some silly payment confusion, etc. And, later regret not handing it over to the agency (now knowing exactly what they charge the commission for!).

Do More Research
Family outside a restaurant
Read reviews by people who actually visited the place you’re going to. Find out as much as possible about the place, lifestyle, weather, transport, certain peculiarities you would like to experience; all this before leaving, so you are equally well prepared for the happening and not-so-happening moments.
Don’t Aim at Maximum Sightseeing
Family clicking picture in front of Eiffel tower
Keep it flexible and don’t try hitting a 10/10 when you visit tourist attractions at a given destination. Plan a longer trip if need be, but don’t rush yourselves. In fact, if you are really looking forward to ‘relaxing’, you should choose less crowded places and enjoy your way (basically avoid those long waiting lines for something like a ‘light and sound show’).

Plan for Emergencies
Family with grandparents on vacation
When traveling with kids or elderly people, make sure you have a plan in case of a health emergency. You may wanna pack the luggage accordingly; that includes not just medicines, but something like medical history. Also, keep enough time to waste/spare a day or half so that they can take a break.
Decide Rules for Group Travel
Friends traveling together, discussing at restaurant
Traveling can get a little difficult with strangers or acquaintances. Know that everyone will have a different preference, and let that be accepted as rule. Let each one choose how he/she wants to go around the place, and probably meet up for lunch or dinner somewhere later on. You might even end up going to the same places at the same time, and like it that way.

Avoid Taking Work Along
Man on beach with laptop
This requires reverse-planning, and great execution too. Plan a vacation at the right time, which means, at the time you can afford to take a break from office. Give your boss or colleagues a plan for your absence, and accordingly finish your pending tasks before you leave. Decide when, if you must be in contact with them, and keep it minimum. Remember why you’re on a vacation!

Exotic Vacation

Most people these days are doing whatever they can to conserve cash because of the uncertainty of the global economy. Unfortunately, one of the first ‘luxuries’ to be put on hold is often a vacation, because seeing the Grand Canyon isn’t quite as essential as paying the electric bill. But if your money has to go to the electric bill rather than going to a vacation fund, then you should use that electricity to fire up your DVD player, and rent one of these movies that will give you the feeling of an exotic vacation without ever having to leave the house.
Out of Africa
One of the most glorious epic adventures of the ’80s, this Meryl Streep / Robert Redford movie is a breathtaking experience that puts you smack dab in the middle of Africa during World War I. A wealthy woman from Denmark buys 1,000 acres of land in an English colony in Africa after her fiancée is killed in the war. To keep from becoming a spinster, she asks her fiancée’s brother to marry because they have been friends for years. They decide to start a cattle farm, so she returns to Denmark to get the money, and when she returns she learns that her new husband has decided they will grow coffee instead. Although she is furious at first, she plunges into the effort wholeheartedly, learning about native customs and various tribes in the area. When a group of soldiers near the front run out of supplies, she leads a group to deliver supplies, and on the way she learns about survival and being resourceful in the wild areas of the African plains. She eventually ends up having an affair with Robert Redford’s character, a pilot who lives in the wilderness and knows the land. He teaches her to shoot, and takes her on a thrilling flight over wide expanses of savannah where various herds of wildlife run free. The movie is a love story, but it is an exciting adventure that provides breathtaking views of the African landscape, native plants and animals, and immersive history lessons about the colonial English who were so out of place living in the wilds of Africa. Watching this wonderful movie is better than going on a wildlife safari in Kenya, because not only is it cheaper, you don’t need a passport and you don’t need to worry about getting all of your shots first.

My House in Umbria
This movie begins with a bomb destroying a train, killing people and leaving behind survivors who are injured or displaced. One of them, Mrs. Delahunty (Maggie Smith), offers to take in four of the other survivors at her Italian villa until they can recover and return to their homes. Mrs. Delahunty is a mysterious woman who writes romance novels. The complex interweaving of the relationships as the five people get to know each other is fascinating, but even more compelling is the gorgeous scenery around the villa and the small town nearby. It is easy to understand why Mrs. Delahunty’s villa is a perfect place for troubled souls to rest and regain their confidence in life, and their experiences there seem timeless. If you’ve ever daydreamed about spending time in the real Italian countryside, this is the movie for you.

A few vacation ideas for November

Vacation Ideas…
…for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It’s a celebration to thank and have fun with family. Celebrate this national holiday by booking your vacation early. Do some road trip planning with your family or friends this thanksgiving to watch a parade and eat some roasted turkey, in a place you’ve been before. If you aren’t somebody who likes the cold, hit the Caribbean coasts to soak up the sun! Another option for vacation ideas for thanksgiving is driving down to Chicago to watch the legendary Chicago’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or if you are willing to shell out a bit, travel abroad.
…for Couples
Love thrives in winter, is a belief held by many. A romantic drive to a small town and spending the weekend in the scenic landscape of the destination, is the perfect vacation for a couple. Although, it’s vacation time, the charges will be hiked, nonetheless, it will be cheap as it is a small town. If your partner is a shopping freak, then the local flea market and the dingy lanes are good places to shop for antiques and souvenirs. If both of you love sports, then what could be better than skiing to embrace the winter?! If you really want to spend your November in the lap of luxury then book your trip to Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park or Antarctica now.

…for Families
Vacation is about the family. This time don’t spend it at home with extended family or cooking turkey. Plan a family vacation for all the cousins and the extended family. Book a place in advance to escape from all the homework, housework or just any other work. Condo rentals will work out reasonable for a large group. Beach, lake, mountains or a city vacation to see the historical sights are the best vacation for families.
…for Singles
If you are single, get ready to mingle with the world at your feet! You have no obligations, so just take the passport to wherever, and with no reservations go bag-packing. Live off the land for a couple of days. Discover the beauty of nature and the bounty of thrilling adventurous experience. Just head out without a plan or a destination. It’s fun traveling, than reaching the destination, which marks the end.
…in USA
United States of America, has a spectrum of November vacation destinations and November vacation ideas to offer. Weekend adventures, mountain climbing, getting some tan, water sports, horseback riding or indulging in extreme adrenaline rushes will take you a lifetime of November vacations to explore USA. Hawaii, Las Vegas, Florida, California, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Colorado and North Carolina are some of the November vacation hot spots in USA.
Vacations are the time of the year we look forward to. I hope these ideas for November vacation, help you to decide where to go this fall. No matter where you go, have a safe trip!

Pre-trip Inspection Checklist

We all believe that checking a school bus that is taking school kids for a trip to the local museum or aquarium is absolutely mandatory and should be conducted by all schools. However, when it comes to our own vehicles and a trip that we plan ourselves, we tend to take it a bit easy. We don’t bother checking each and every single detail of our vehicle, and most often pay for it, literally and figuratively. We all know that conducting a pre-trip inspection is all we need to do to avoid such a situation. But do we do it? Most probably not. But from this moment, that’s about to change. We have for you a checklist for a road trip or a vacation that you may be planning, which involves the use of your own or a rented automobile. Check it out and use it.

Vehicle Checklist

Whether it is a camping trip in the woods with your family or a road trip that you’ve planned with your friends, you simply must not compromise on car safety in any way. Maximum accidents happen on the road and a major portion of those are due to negligence on part of the driver. Negligence includes not conducting a thorough inspection of the vehicle before driving it. Because honestly, if you don’t bother to check to see if anything is wrong with the vehicle even after knowing that you’ll be using it continuously for quite some, then it’s nothing short of rash and negligent behavior. Given below are all the things you need to keep in mind while checking your vehicle BEFORE you take it out for the long awaited trip.

Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist for Vehicles
Exterior Inspection
Wheels: Check to see that the tires have enough air and pressure. Make sure that they have a proper tread. Also check rims and lug nuts and check that the hub oil seals are not leaking
Lights: Check the headlights to see that they work properly. Flash and check for high beam and low beam. Check the fog lights. Also check all the indicators: front and back, right and left. Also check that the hazard lights are properly working. Also the brake lights, stop lights, and parking lights need to be checked.
Suspension: The spring mount, springs, and shock absorbers need to be checked for wear and tear.
Glasses: Glasses include the mirrors and the windshield. Make sure they are clean and free from dirt and grime. Wash them clean before setting out. The windshield wipers should also be checked.
Interior Inspection
Engine: First things first, start the engine and check if it’s giving you any ignition problem. If not, then check the engine oil level and the coolant level. Also check the air compressor belts, the water pump, alternator, and the power steering for any possible problems.
Steering: Check the power steering fluid level. Also, start the engine and check if the vehicle moves easily with the use of minimal strain. That is the point of a power steering. Blow the horn and make sure it is loud and clear.
Battery: Make sure that the car battery is not worn out. Check all the connections to see that they are secure and that there are no loose ends. Also make sure that the battery box is not corroded or damaged in any way.
Brakes: Make sure there is enough brake fluid. Start the car, go ahead an inch and brake immediately. Make sure the brakes do not squeal or screech. Check the emergency brake in the same manner.
Seats: Check all the seats in the car for comfort and jagged edges. Check all the seat belts. If you’re going to be taking a kid along, make sure the required car seat or booster is installed.